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Welcome the hub of Cape Town, an international gateway serves as our second hub in continental Africa.

Ideally located at the southern tip of the continent, it handles flights to destinations in Africa, Asia as well as Oceania.

Cape town is located in Matroosfontein 20 miles from Cape town.


ci_flag Abidjan  Icory Coast  (DIAP) 
fr_flag Paris   France ( LFPG)
za_flag CapeTown  South Africa (FACT)

Latest flights

Latest flights

Pilot Flight Dep Arr Flight time Aircraft
RFK476 Jean A.FK2000 FACTSBGR 07:39 T-VIIT(B77L)
RFK476 Jean A. FK211 YSSYFACT12:59T-VIIK(B77L)
RFK476 Jean A.FK210 FACTYSSY 10:43 T-VIIK(B77L)
RFK393 Abel TM FK44 FACTDIAP06:28T-VIIA(A320
RFK480  Nathan JBFK230 FACTSAEZ08:50 T-VIIG(B748F)

Hub Pilot

Pilot RankFlights Hours
ci Orlando S rank5 148  1000.08

Latest Hub Flight

Cape town Hub Stat

Flights today 26
Flights total 48
Total Hours Flown 250
Passengers Carried  
Scheduled Flights  
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