Rules and Regulation – All African airways

1: Legal Information

All African airways is not a real airline, but a virtual one, aimed at serving pilots for flight simulator ( Microsoft fligth simulator, Lockheed’s PrePard3D) purposes. all material published in our website is on this spirit
No part of the  website may be copied or reproduced in any form (this includes but is not limited to: photocopying, recording, reproducing, or electronically storing). Any such act represents a copyright violation and theft of intellectual property solely owned and operated by Virtual United Airlines.
Any such act represents a copyright violation and theft of intellectual property solely owned and operated by All African Airways Virtual Airlines.

2: Registering

If you are sound and Able, with basic flight skills in Fligth simulation and wants to take a ride, please be welcome among us.
– Registering is free and are open for individuals as early as 16 years old
– Use of data is observed by European union new GDPR regulation, and we fully enforce that. We try to collect as little data as possible.
– It is Up to new Joiner to provide accurate information, in case we are requsted by authorities to explain how we process data given to us.
– The Application to All African airways is done through our online application form, which can be found here.
– All of our flights are operated online where possible, we encourage our new joiners to hold an IVAO Online profile, this is how we manage flight reports
– Ranks are determined by flights hours accumulated online, IVAO ranks is therfore used to match ranks in All african pilots level.
– Unfortunately, we don’t acept hours done in another virtual airline, if you transfer to our company.

3: Flying in multiple airlines

We do not block our pilots to fly for others airlines, as long as they maintain activity and participate in our airlines events.

4: Suspension

This is an hobby done on spare time, we believe, freedom is key. pilots are just required to maintain normal activity. Suspension will only occur, if a pilot does not respect basic human relations with others.
Case of racism, xenophobic or demonstration of violence in any form will trigger definitive ban from our company.

5: Leave of absence, Inactivity

We try to keep it simple, any long absence from our company should be reported to the relevant staff.

6: Resignation

As sad as it might be,terminating your virtual career with us is easy. Just send an email to the HR director which will take measures to terminate the pilots activity within our company. We will require you to give back any material, you might have come through during your time with us We also require the leaving pilot not to disclose any of our Ops, guidelines and anything he might have known of our company and keep it to itself. this is a common , and basic thing to observe.

7: Hubs Management

Pilots Hubs are not definitive, any pilot can change Hubs during the course of his virtual career, just send a notification to the management who will assist you in processing your transfer

9: Training

We request our pilots to take online IVAO courses to improve their skills and gain more aeronatical knowledge.

9: Company Hiearchical Organization

All African operates as normal company with management structure. Pilots are encourage to contact the respective director for information, guidance, or requests. Please keep in mind, that the organization is an hobby, members acting as director have lives, and are not always available for any inquiry, so replies may take a bit while, please be patient!.
Guidlines for our directors on how they should best represent, and be the face of our company. Anyone willing to be part of the staff must be ready to observe the guidelines as below, unless they are promoted or relieved. way to behave themselves
– Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
– Be at least 18 years of age at time of hire.
– Display honesty, truthfulness, and integrity.
– Do at least 2 flights per calendar month.
– Provide Guidance and help in any inquiry in accordance with the directed staff
– Not hold a staff position at any other Virtual Airline or Flying
Organization. – Be active on any netowrk or media used by the company.


Upon enrolment you will be granted with 5 hours of flight, if you flew on a network, your hours will be taken into account reduce by 150 hours.
– The structure of the Ranks are as follow.
– Cadet officer:
– First officer
– Senior First Officer .
– Flight Captain.
– Captain
– Senior Fligth Captain
– Instructor


A pilot not flying for above a period of 3 months, will be temporarily suspended, an email will be sent to know his whereabouts.
If any asnwer is not provided the following month, a temporary firing will be triggered. This period is up to 1 month more, in total 5 months of inactivity will see the pilots definitely removed from our company

12: Final hiring

Upon your application, you are required to fly 2 flights in the coming two weeks. Failure to compny with this basic requirement will trigger a definitive rejection of your application.
The IVAO ID is what allow us to regulate pilots applications..